Why You are limiting your physical health & movement potential- A quick guide to restoring your health!

People are rapidly moving their way into poor health riddled with back pain, diabetes, arthritis and many other related diseases. Why? Well if we deconstruct a typical daily life of an office worker or consultant (common occupation) it would presume to be something like this:

Morning: Wake Up, sit down have breakfast, have a shower get dressed, have a coffee andhop in the car to go work.Primal Fitness Coffs

Work hours: Sitting in a nice little cubicle or desk front on a computer writing, calculating, emailing and all sorts of office duties. Occasionally getting to stand up walk to the printer and back to the desk again or go to the toilet where most likely they be seated again.  Lunch time comes and you go to the lunch room or to a table/bench and eat your meal for 30-40mins, hmm how delicious that meal must be- you would probably then calculate how many hours you have left to go at work and resume back to completing the remainder of your daily tasks at your desk.

Home Time: Woohooo! Home time! Best part of the day, I’m going to make the most of this time by either sitting down watching some TV/movies and even have a glass of wine or cold beer to refresh and release the stresses you dealt with that day. Some of you may even be making a conscious effort to go the gym to get a sweat up by jogging on a treadmill or do some heavy sets on the smith machine or bench press.  Now that you feel you have earned to the right to sit down and watch a movie you will take that opportunity for the last section of your day. Nice way to spend the afternoon one would think. 

There’s only a BIG problem! 

If we closely analyse the actual movement patterns that were performed throughout that day you will begin to understand where the weak link might be.

So we spent approx7-8hrs lying down on a comfy cushy bed, in a supine or prone position (perhaps on your side too) You then get up and walk in a sagittal plane , sit down through a sagittal plane and pretty much repeat this over and over throughout the day. Then Gym time comes ( for those who go) and you start on a treadmill, (sagittal plane motion) then proceed to hit the leg extension machine or perhaps do some ‘hammy curls’, maybe then you will decide the upper body needs some work and do some bicep curls or chest press which are mostly all performed in a sagittal plane of motion. Then ab time comes- Sit ups, sit ups and more sit ups and more crunches and leg raises.. all in a sagittal plane of motion. If you havn’t been able to see the problem so far ill enlighten you, We as humans are primarily a hunter-gatherer species that have lost their way through civilisation. With this we have also lost our most valuable attributes, the ability to move freely through multi-dimensional spaces. We used to be really cool! Moving fluently through context rich environments adapting our movements from one position to another seamlessly and were even hunting/ gathering at the same time! 

Nowadays we move more often than not in one plane of motion and sit in one position for hours a day. We believe that going to a gym for an hour and adding weight to these exact same movement patterns will give us some sort of super human strength & health.. We have been repeating this pattern since childhood at school. On an average of 6 hours a day for 20-30years. Moving in a singular plane of motion..Wow.. thats 43,680 hours of moving  only one way, and that’s only after 20years. We could spend 1 hour 4 days a week working out for the next 10 years and only have summed up 2,080 hours trying to fix our problem. The sad thing is that we are most likely worsening our body by doing so.


3 problems that can arise from such a lifestyle include the following:

  • > Extreme low range of motion of all joints in the body
  • > Degenerated muscular and skeletal tissue from overuse/underuse.
  • > Arthritis & other inflammatory conditions due to lack of proper movement patterns.

This is just the beginning too.

So how do we fix this? How do I re-correct the damage? Where do i start?  

Now luckily there is a solution to your problem, its quiet simple too. Natural Movement. Natural movement  provides us with all of the tools necessary for optimal movement& Physical health. Natural Movement focuses on restoring your natural biological functions and strengthening your body in every plane of motion.  Movements such as cra20160826_093254aawling, balancing, vaulting, climbing, lifting and jumping all can be used in multi dimensional planes of motion with proper progressions and scalability to meet every ones needs.

This type of fitness training is far superior to any one method that i have ever experienced, it is our biological duty to move this way and once you have started moving naturally, your body will quickly show positive effects:  Improvements in all of these areas will be displayed: 

  •  Mobility
  •  Strength
  •  Endurance
  •  Awareness
  •  Flexibility
  • ✔ Physiological functions
  • ✔ Psychological & Cognitive function
  • >Plus much more!

Adapting your body to Natural Movement is a simple and achievable goal that everyone will be able to do regardless of age, gender, socio economic background etc this is for absolutely everyone!

Fulfill your biological duty by training Natural Movement & Primal Fitness!BOOK a 1x Week FREE Pass? You got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Fill out the form below to book your PASS today!

Peace! Luke 🙂   // ]]>

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