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Frequently Asked Questions

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Programs are designed with minimal requirements for equipment, but to make it easier for you, there are a few inexpensive essential items we recommend. (We have provided a whole list of places you can find these, as well as substitutes/alternatives)
-Gym Rings
-Broom Stick
-Plank of wood
-Resistance band

No, but our goal is to help you be a self-sufficient human, so over time, if you wish to collect gear, we would encourage you to.

Do I need to join another gym to do this program?
No, using what is around your house, parks, backyard, are all free places you will be able to train with our program.

No, using what is around your house, parks, backyard, are all free places you will be able to train with our program.

Perfect! We have tutorials in place to help you get set up quickly and easily. These will be provided in our group. 

This could vary from person to person, preference, budget & needs. But we have built this program, with a very minimum budget requirement. If you wanted to purchase stuff. $150 or less will do the trick.


We are not disappearing from the face of the earth. So neither should you. We have weekly times allocated for getting your social fix.

Yep, along with the answer above, we also encourage buddy training. If this is something you are seeking, put your name down and we will assist organise a buddy within your local area.

There is no requirement for you to show your mug online.. but if you are needing technique refinement, advice, help you will need to show us in order for us to help you. Just as if you were in the gym.


Adapting to a new environment is a normal process, just as it is in a new gym space. The difference, is you get better conditions for your biological needs than what you do in an artificial, commercial building.
Sunshine, fresh air, earth, water are essential elements our body thrives in.

Locations may vary for rain conditions. If you are a true savage, rain won’t bother you.What about the rain? 

Walls provide comfortability, but the problem is, comfort is the enemy of growth.


Depending on the option you are already on & the option you select. Prices may vary.
As always we work hard to provide you with high-quality programs & coaching to ensure your personal growth and development isn’t compromised. NB 3.0 is an upgrade in specific coaching levels, to help you upgrade your results. The value will reflect this. 

See Pre-sale member prices: Click Here

We have broken down the program and coaching value, to give you a picture of the discounts you will receive.
See link for details.

See Pre-sale member prices: Click Here

Programs have been aligned with the seasons, therefore each membership follows a 12-week block.


This is a new age, the new breed of training and humans. To get the full spectrum of both experience and results, online will help you.
Plus, with added freedom to train where you want, when you want, without needing to drive anywhere, spend extra unnecessary minutes in the car, the online system is by far the best way to help you achieve that.

No, you’re right. It’s better. Less time driving to the gym, Less chance of running late, less chance of not being able to train, less risk of life getting in the way, and less risk of you not being able to get workouts in.

Your coach will be available to assist with your questions through the member’s app location in the chat feature. You will also be able to receive assistance and feedback during the live & zoom coaching sessions.

Yes absolutely, during the live and zoom coaching sessions, chat features, Facebook group & or video you will have access to receive coaches’ feedback.

Perfect, this is a normal concern everybody goes through. We have weekly accountability, support, and motivation assistance available to help you stay on the path, and work towards the goals you have.

There’s no expectation to have a space to train that is anywhere near perfect. In fact, we highly encourage and prefer “guerilla” style training spaces, that allow you to get the work done, anywhere, anytime. And no, your camera isn’t required to participate in zoom sessions.

This is why our programs and system are hugely focused on “coaching” you to learn how to develop these attributes. We don’t expect you to know how, what, when, and why, and that’s why we coach you.

Want to get started?

Want to get started?

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