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Here at New Breed we like to give you the best possible service and experience you could ever have in a gym- which is why we have NO IDEA what Membership will suit you best until we know your goals, individual requirements and needs. We have so many classes and services on offer that we want you to have the right fit membership for you! To Find out what suits you the best contact us to book in for a Free Week Trial and tell us what you want to get out of training with us and we will sort the rest out! EASY! 


WHY NATURAL FITNESS?: The Human body is not desined to be controlled by machines & fancy gym equipment:We are designed to move freely, transitioning through various movements or “exercises” for a practical purpose. We are far more complex and advanced just perform bench press or squats. This is why you will never get lasting Real results using conventional fitness methods. At new breed, we provide you will more than lasting results- you get skills that will last you a lifetime!