A Short Documentary on Luke “The Wasp” Morris

luke movnat

Luke has traveled the world to train at world class academies, most notably the home of the famous George St Pierre at Tristar Gym in Canada & also New York at the Renzo Gracie Academy under John Danaher/Renzo Gracie & Marcelo Garcia’s Academy.  Luke is a Level 2 Certified Movnat Trainer practicing and teaching Movnat natural movement methodolgy on the Coffs Coast. This method of training is an extension of luke’s character in which he is very passionate about. His aim as a coach is to bring the highest quality instruction and service to his students so they may feel empowered, confident and ready to protect and defend their family and friends in any adverse situation that may arise.
Luke is also the Current 2x Australian MMA champion and is the most experienced and reputable MMA athlete on the Coffs Coast!
Luke not only shares his vast knowledge with his students but instills a passion for Martial Arts and Growth in a person that reaches far beyond the walls of the gym, it spreads into everyday life and gives people the edge and drive to be the best they can be!
It is this reason that many people just like you, have join the team at New Breed MMA, as our motto goes ” The sky is NOT the Limit” you can go as far as your imagination allows, you just have to go for it!
Now if this hasn’t convinced you to train with us then this might- Luke is also a Qualified Nutritionist focusing on restoring optimal health to his clients through nutrition and lifestyle treatements. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion that shines as bright as the sun Luke is the man to help you reach your goals!
If you have any questions for Luke contact him via email luke@newbreedmixedmartialarts.com.au




Hailey is a life long dancer and a yoga and life lover! She has been teaching dance for 10yrs and loves the opportunity to guide and mentor all ages through creative movement and expression. She was introduced to yoga practice 8yrs ago and slowly fell in love with its benefits, not only on the body but especially the mind, curious to learn more and dive in deep, she completed her, hopefully one of many to come, advance diploma of YT in Melbourne at, The Australian Yoga Academy. Yoga and dance techniques are a perfect combo, but what she has learnt with such an old, but forever evolving versatile practice, it’s bigger than what the western world perceives, All elements of Yoga can compliment every individuals life’s experience, it’s just being open to oneself and discovering that not all is what it seems, We are more powerful than we know and Yoga is a portal to guide us to that knowing. She can’t wait to share and serve the New Breed community and appreciates the opportunity to work at such a unique and inspiring studio!




Behind every great man is an even greater women! introducing shannae-The Organiser, the bookkeeper, the management, the gatekeeper, mother of dragons, slayer of unorganisation and rightful air to the iron throne. Shannae’s passion for Yoga and Natural Health is what keeps her focused on keeping our tribe in check and out of trouble! If you have any questions or enquiries this is the lady to summon- but beware don’t ask anything about her dragons-she likes to feed them regularly:P

On a slightly more spiritual topic- Yoga, Shannae is a fully Qualified Level 1 Yoga Instructor Completing her 200hr course in Byron bay under some of the most experienced Yoga instructors in the Country! Her teachings & passion for helping others truly shines through in her classes with a great vibe to follow. You will feel extremely comfortable under her guidance and learn that anyone who thinks yoga is too hard, will soon know that You Can’t Yoga, You are YOGA!