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 These Classes are apart of a physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. Also known as Movnat, this method trains your body to be efficient, effective, strong & adaptable. People often think that in order to get fitter and stronger they must go to a gym and perform various exercises on different machines or lift perfectly balanced barbells and dumbells. But this is far from what fitness actually is..Fitness is defined as “the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task”. So what  task/practical application can you use a bench press for, what about using a pec deck? Not many,if anything..   Why? Because these exercises are not practical or functional in the real world. When you train at a gym in this manner, you are literally allowing a machine to control how you move, you might as well be a robot. If you aren’t convinced yet, then picture a lion, tiger or wolf. Visual them doing a bench press or running on a treadmill. Ridiculous right,well that’s essentially you, doing the exact same thing. 


We prepare you to be able to perform for short intervals through to long intervals using a variety of different practical movements that will get you fitter, stronger, faster more capable in all areas of life. 






Primal Strength & Conditioning is our Ultimate Class for those who love Lifting Heavy Things, Throwing Heavy Things, Climbing Obstacles &  Practising REAL functional Fitness. Every thing we do in this class is for a purpose- to build strength, to complete a real task, to lose weight, to build muscle and even to build friendship & community. We don’t bench press in this class, we don’t look in the mirror to see our big guns nor do we care if your clothes are colour coordinated or if you have the newest pair of nike shoes.  We just get fit, get results and do it progressively, structured and tailored to each individuals needs. Class formats are dynamic and diverse allowing us to cover a broad range of movements so you are able to get the most out of each session. Our Expert Coaching staff are always leading the class and guiding you through each movement- you won’t be left to figure it out for your self- we teach you! 

Some Of The Movements We Use in This Class are Various Types of Crawling, Climbing, Lifting, Jumping, Vaulting, Running, Balancing + A Whole Lot More! 

  •  Some Of The Benefits of This Class Include:
  • Increased Strength + Power + Explosive/Reflexive Strength
  • Increased Coordination + Reflexes + Awareness
  • Increased Cardiovascular Endurance & Efficiency + Agility
  • Increased Fat Burning + Muscle Building & Development
  • Plus A While Lot More..




movnat coffs





Primal Combat Fitness is for everybody who wants to get leaner, fitter, stronger & faster! This Unique class combines a vast array of movements & functional patterns to produce an exciting and exhilarating workout! You will get to punch, kick, lift, run, carry, jump, crawl and much more! We have taken the best bits out of kickboxing, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, MMA, parkour, cross-training, HIIT + More to get you fit, lean, strong, fast & healthy! This Class is for both Male & Females- We encourage couples to participate as well! You don’t need any experience- we will help you from the start and if you think you are already fit, let’s test you out & see what you got! There are No Ego’s, No bad attitudes, just a fun, friendly and welcoming environment for you to workout in! 

Take Note That this is not one of those Generic Boxercise/Punchfit classes- You will be learning Real Techniques and also be taught by Our 2 Time Australian MMA Champion Coach Luke Morris.

Some Of Techniques & Movements You Will Learn are:

  • How to Punch Correctly, precisely & powerful.
  • How to use your whole body like a ninja!
  • How to move efficiently and effectively
  • There will be lots of fun and excitement too!
  • Some Benefits of This Class Include:
  • Increased Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Decreased Body Fat + Increased Muscle Tone
  • Increased Awareness + Reflexes + Balance
  • Increased Confidence + Decreased Stress
  • Plus a Bunch More…
    primal instinct


If you Love Australian Ninja Warrior then you are sure to love these classes–> We have an awesome jungle/obstacle/ninja gym that is ever evolving and always changing to keep you ready for anything! This Class will build your grip strength,core strength and even areas that you never even knew about!  You will learn all things ninja, How to scale obstacles efficiently + effectively, How to increase adaptability + movement choice & You will even learn how much you can REALLY do!  This Class is great for Everyone & Will have you smiling from ear to ear- you won’t even know you have done a workout!

If You Love Obstacle Racing, Ninja Warrior, Rock Climbing & Anything COOL- YOU MUST COME DOWN & JOIN OUR NINJA TRIBE!




we are the 1st & only Certified Movnat affiliate & Facility on the coffs coast





A Movnat Promo Video to show you what the fuss is all about!
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