We have crafted a very unique process for our new members to go through when joining up so we actually give you the best results possible that will  be sustainable and consistent. With this in mind, there is no 1 size fits all approach.

In the process of joining we will guide you through a one on one session to check where your at, what your goals are and what you aim to achieve so our recommendations will come from what you are seeking, but also what will get you the best results possible. We are not in this game to have you on board and hope for the best. The priority of NB is to provide you with the service of getting results and having an epic time doing so.

As a general guide for our programs some of the prices look around the following:


  • 30


    Our adults programs range from $30-$60wk depending on the journey you wish to pursue for health & fitness.

  • 15


    Our kids programs start from $15wk to $30/wk for our young movers to learn play and grow!

  • 25


    For our out of town visitors to get some training in whilst on holidays drinking too much wine or too many beers! Gotta keep on the gain train. Sat mornings are our class for you!

  • >


    As we not a regular run of the mill type gym, we hold the standard of the individual journey very high on our list of focus, so to get started we would love to have a chat first, see where at and even have you down for our newbie friendly classes on saturday mornings to give you a trial and consult:)
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If you would like to chat about other options, get in touch with us &amp; we can help you as best we can.</p>