We are kind of the rebels when it comes to the fitness industry. We have gone against the grain of what is popular and what is the newest fancy fad trend to essentially stay true to what we believe actually matters to craft a healthy, strong and capable human being. We are NOT A GYM, we are kind of like an ALTERNATE training facility where we focus on only using the finest ingredients to craft sustainable long term practical bad ass health and fitness.

Our business is LOCALLY OWNED & FAMILY OPERATED, we have built this thing from the ground up using our own blood sweat and tears. Our family believes our community deserves the absolute highest quality coaching from industry professionals and people who not only have the quals to go with it, but actually walk the talk and live and breath movement and health every day. We are a product of our own creations and we like to help others reach that too.


 To fully understand the method to our madness let us take you on a journey into the past..

For Over 2.2 million years we have walked this planet earth, fighting, navigating, scaling, hunting, escaping, connecting & surviving. We were once amongst the great beasts of the wild, being fearless & fearful for we were not the only apex predator alive. We weren't even at the top of food chain yet we survived. We connected with the land and environment that surrounded us, we knew how to eat well, hunt, harvest, procreate, nurture and yet we are the most advanced civilisation/animal in the world that now know how to do very little of these things. These elements are necessary for survival, though now our health is rapidly declining. Health care systems overloaded, stressed out individuals and families are suffering. Why???

We have lost our way and lost our connection to the biological processed that our DNA requires for optimal health and well being. We must REWILD our Inner human and return to the source of our health if we are to survive the zombie age of technology and depression. Newbreed's mission is to help families and humans reconnect with natural movement, nutrition, mindset and reawaken the knowledge we have inside us to create a world that is balanced and thriving!

Our Facility recreates a lot of the missing elements such as complex environments, guidance,  teaching, movement patterns, breathing, mobility, combatives and connecting with each other as a tribe of warriors that are equal and are capable to protect this newfound ancient health.

So now you know the basis..let's go to the evolution of NB.

We have been in the fitness and health world for a looong time, we have travelled the world and trained with world champions, pioneers and "guru's" of all disciplines and backgrounds. We were in search for a method that had it all. That catered for everybody from all levels. We came up empty handed in alot of our ventures, although there were a few that had some cool ideas and concepts we valued. There wasn't something that fit with out overall ethos. So what did we do, we created a facility that allow humans and regular gym goers to perform at a high level, but still be able to enjoy life and live the way they want to live. With hours and hours spent with pen and paper, we developed a unique and exclusive thing that we now call Newbreed. Our member's love it, we love it, and if you resonate with this, come and love it too. 

If you have any enquiries, hit us up. 


Unique blend of strength training, deep stretching, fluid mobility & cunning combat skills to suit any human at any fitness level.


Liking the stuff we do? Let us carve this path with you.


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