REWILD THE WARRIOR| Strong, Capable & Mobile Men & Women!



    We craft the Warrior mindset throughout the program so you can live life and have the mental resilience to deal with the fires that start around us.


    There is so much confusing information on nutrition in the media today, we draw upon our qualified clinical naturopathic nutritonist to provide education and implementation of nutrition to help fast track your health & results!


    We help carve good fundamental habitual patterns that you can utilise in everyday life through accountability. We tap into our primal survival and educate you on the importance of how this will help as well as enforcing a friendly kick up the butt if you slack off.


    You will not be left on your own, we individualise and cater for all levels so we will be working closely with you throughout the program.


    This is a program for people who want long term lasting results that isn’t confined to only working throughout the course. This is life changing and we guarantee you will learn an immense amount of knowledge that you can take away for the rest of your life.


    We teach you how to move and train for weight loss, muscle gain, performance, mobility, flexibility, capability and adaptability. We train absolutely everything! Our team of highly qualified coaches will help shape your physical warrior and help you get results!


  • VIP All Access To Our Exclusive Timetable & Classes
  • Access To Our Health & Wellness Membership
  • Open Gym Times & Discounted Workshops
  • Nutritional Coaching From a Clinical Nutritionist
  • Mindset Coaching & Training
  • Lifestyle Coaching & Training
  • Train As Apart Of The Renowned NB Tribe
  • Combatives, Strength, Mobility, Endurance, Power, Flexibility, Awareness Training
  • Regular Performance Testing And Measuring
  • Access To NB Tribe Events- Campouts/Retreats/Parties/Tribe development etc

PLUS 1kg ATP NoWay Protein & 1L Gut Instinct Kombucha + $500 OFF Membership




Joseph P.

Joseph works as a sparky, runs his own biz, has a family, trains BJJ, plays volleyball and was in epic need of establishing some balance with his physical training... He is now nailing his Jiu jitsu & bulletproofing his body from all the existing niggles that held his previous training back.

Joseph P., JP Electrical
Dan D

"This Warrior was currently training before starting this program-but he was doing all the wrong shit...His skillset has now doubled and his gains are across the board!

Dan D, Coffee Roaster/ Barista
Jack K

Jack started like everyone else- some things were strong but others we ready to grow- this shot now speaks for itself.

Jack K, N/A
Ollie J.

Ollie shifted between a bunch of different training styles for years, he's now been with us for over 2 years and still making massive growth!"

Ollie J., Small Biz Owner
  • Ricki Brideoake-CEO Ultimate Performance Academy

    Luke’s Training has had a big impact on my business from improving my personal health in areas such as more energy, strength, endurance and the stuff that not many coaches out there focus on which is improving and building your neurological pathways through complex movement patterns. This has transferred into my business where i now have more opportunities, improved focus and increased efficiency and productivity & it has been awesome. I’ve gotten really good results in all areas of my life and business, its been Unreal

  • John Hibbard-Chief Executor Hibbard Homes

    ” I turned 40 this year & had I stopped training and never cared too much about my nutrition. Not happy with my condition I decided I needed a change. I approached Luke Morris and asked for his help. The training routine he put together, suited me perfectly. Everything was planned to an outstanding gradient that I adapted too with ease. Not only did I lose 13kg in under 5 months, my body feels so fit and strong and this is only the tip of the iceberg I would highly recommend anyone at any age to try it out.

    You are in Great hands with Luke Morris”

  • Rob Husbands- Unit Manager-Base Hospital

    “Luke & the Team have changed my life. I started to transform and evolve as soon as I had set foot in the door. Luke & The Team are human engineers sent to awaken the inner cavemen and women in all of us! Thanks to you guys I am the best version of myself that I have ever been – stronger/ Fitter/ Leaner/ Better in Every Way!  Join The New Breed Of Humans, and awaken your BEAST!”

  • Courtney Dixon| JSE Health/Naturopath

    Since training at newbreed with the team my skills and confidence have gone up exponentially. I wanted to learn boxing skills but have gained so much more than just striking skills. The self worth gained from training is a pleasant unexpected benefit, that you can only get from fighting sports. The team have nurtured and encouraged me all the way. If you want to be the best, train with the best. The team at newbreed push you in a safe, positive and fun way. Can’t wait til I’m good enough to get in the ring and hold my own. Thanks for all you guys do xo


the tale of the newbreed tribe

For Over 2.2 million years we have walked this planet earth, fighting, navigating, scaling, hunting, escaping, connecting & surviving. We were once amongst the great beasts of the wild, being fearless & fearful for we were not the only apex predator alive. We weren't even at the top of food chain yet we survived. We connected with the land and environment that surrounded us, we knew how to eat well, hunt, harvest, procreate, nurture and yet we are the most advanced civilisation/animal in the world that now know how to do very little of these things. These elements are necessary for survival, though now our health is rapidly declining. Health care systems overloaded, stressed out individuals and families are suffering. Why???

We have lost our way and lost our connection to the biological processed that our DNA requires for optimal health and well being. We must REWILD our Inner Warrior and return to the source of our health if we are to survive the zombie age of technology and depression. Newbreed's mission is to help families and humans reconnect with natural movement, nutrition, mindset and reawaken the knowledge we have inside us to create a world that is balanced and thriving!

Our Facility recreates alot of the missing elements such as complex environments, guidance,  teaching, movement patterns, breathing, mobility, combatives and connecting with each other as a tribe of warriors that are equal and are capable to protect this newfound ancient health.


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