What the New Breed of Athletes have to say..


“Luke is a fantastic trainer and that’s understating it. I came to Luke as a prelude to doing group MMA classes. I was the most unfit that I had ever been. Not only did I end up enjoying myself, he has instilled me with a passion for MMA that will no doubt be with me for a long time. He is incredibly good at explaining things, is receptive to your goals and does an awesome job at getting results. To top it off he is just an top guy that you’ll end up enjoying been around. Thanks Luke for been an integral part of my journey and I hope others can discover just how good you are as a trainer.”

Sam Butler


” I Started MMA with Luke September last year  with no experience in MMA and no realisation what I was getting myself into. I approached Luke and told him I not only want to train but want to fight, without hesitation Luke and I began the journey to my first fight. He is patient, full of knowledge and a Great Coach!  I am very lucky to have him on my journey not only due to his coaching skills but he is just an all round top guy. Cannot praise him Enough”

Zoie Shreiweis

“Luke is by far the best trainer I have worked with. He is a continual source of support and encouragement no matter what your goal is. Luke challenges you to be the best you can be and is incredibly patient. You can’t ask for a better trainer than luke.”

Erin Corkett


“I’m one of Luke’s more mature clients and have trained with him for over a year now. During that time Luke has challenged me to push myself to achieve levels I could never have dreamed of.

His training sessions are varied and you never quite know what he has planned next, I could happily throttle him when he writes down ’50 burpees’ but from the first session managing three to the last one managing 50+ without breaking into a sweat, I think the maths speaks for itself. The feeling after a work out is amazing and leaves you eagerly looking forward to the next one.

But, with Luke you don’t just get a workout, you also get a whole life workout, including advice on food and supplements, he’s a natural sort of person who’s always looking for the food route to getting healthy, which is another aspect of my life that he’s helped change.

I would highly recommend Luke as a personal trainer.”

Janine Snow

 MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only

“I love the MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because..MMA is whatever you want it to be, it may be your oppurtunity to build fitness or follow a path of becoming a competitor. Luke teaches skills and techniques relevant to potential negative situations that help build you confidence, strength and is overall a fun class! It pays to have a teacher that is passionate about MMA and has faith in what others can be”

Melinda Smith

“I Love the MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because… it’s something new and different to anything I have experienced before. Luke caters for all levels of fitness & creates a fun, relaxed environment.”

Bridie Bradley

“I Love MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because…Every class is different and not repetitive. To be able to train in a comfortable, positive environment regardless of fitness level. I love learning new skills, meeting new people and having a good old laugh. So glad I joined up!”

Jo Dragojevic

“I love MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because… it is the best workout ever! Awesome people, fun and friendly and we eventually be ninjas thanks to Luke :)”

Erica Harris

“I Love the MMA Fitness Challenge ladies only because..I like the structure and workout of the class, the environment that is created from the teacher and other ladies and I love the constant encouragement that Luke gives us! “

Madi Stanford

“I love MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because…Its Enjoyable, Achievable, everyone works at their own pace, classes a different every lesson and because Luke is a Kick arse Trainer!”

Lucy Lane

“I Love MMA Fitness Challenge Ladies Only because..it is a total workout in a fun environment with great ladies. I love that Luke mixes up each session, they are very empowering classes. I absolutely love it”

Heidi Harper