We & the New Breed Tribe are coming together on a journey with like-minded humans and individuals to grow, evolve and adapt our health and wellbeing.

Through years of experience and adventure we have made it our mission to re-establish our full capabilities as humans to be Wild, Tough, Robust, Skillful & Mobile Creatures…The way the world is shaping us, we will end up being useless, unhealthy and stale in all areas of life.

We like to think of creating Humans similar brewer would create a nice drop of craft beer.. with quality ingredients, quality procedures and quality care and delivery. NB are the leaders in our community when it comes to human movement, nutrition & combatives so we wish to help educate & coach you from a beginner level to an elite level or anywhere in between. If you are chasing a nice, fine aged, old school, high quality gym..We got your back & will take pride in helping you reach your goals no matter where you are to begin with..