We have a few different programs on offer throughout the year at NB for our adult warriors! Our goal for the seasoned human is to first re-establish our former glory as a young fearless animal, then build the strength and craft the finesse of being a skilful adaptable mover. We prepare for the situations that are unknown and unknowable through developing specific movement patterns, movement capacity and movement efficiency. Ya know, for those times when a lion jumps out on the side walk and you gotta do some ninja shit real quick!
    For real though, you would be capable at surviving this situation after training with us.


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    A thing we like to point out is that when you come to NB, you are not just getting a membership.. We don't train you for 'fitness'. We actually COACH you each and every class. Our job as industry professionals is to not get you in to tick off a box and go home. Our job and craft is to teach, educate, communicate and enable you to make life changes long term. A trainer just trains you, a coach will teach you to be the best version of your self in all areas of life. We put as much focus on areas such as nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, community, relationships, performance as we do on developing a healthy level of physicality too.
    It's the only way we believe that will truly give you the best training experience possible.



    Starting out in any new type of training can be daunting and make you feel a little uneasy. We get that feeling, so we have our fundamentals program that focuses on introducing you to movement training and preparing you for our other group classes too.  Our regular members usually pop in for these classes to as they are so vital in establishing a proper foundation for long term success! You will guided through these sessions and is a requirement to participate in our regular classes for the newbie too. We love to see people succeed and make epic gains, this class is the reason you will do so when starting out.









    This is our bread and butter training program that prepares and develops our tribe into the bulletproof beasts they are today! When we talk about being functional, capable, adaptable, durable, skilful, unbreakable etc this is the class that focuses on providing these results. We go through a broad range of techniques, skillsets, methodologies and modalities to make this happen for you. If you are wanting to become a badass bulletproof human, this program is set for you.











  • LIFT

    When we want to get strong, we dont limit ourselves just to bodyweight strength. We focus on external object manipulation by lifting things like logs, rocks, sandbags, barbells, kettlebells, humans, plates, drums, kegs, deadballs, med balls and any other heavy object that we deem as useful. We take you through the concepts behind lifting and preparing ourselves for real time situations. Lifting perfectly balanced and symmetrical weighted barbells is great and certaintly useful. But if we are wanting Real time capability and adaptabilty then we need to go further into the mechanics and philosophies behind why we even lift things in the first place.












    As apart of our specific rounded approach to the fitness game, we have incorportated the skills required for combat survival too. This class is our boxing/kickboxing/self defense based class suited for all levels. We teach and educate you on practical techniques and also add the conditioning/physical condition that goes with being a warrior! Highly fun, exhilerating and you learn some cool things too.</p> <p>-BOXING</p> <p>-KICKBOXING</p> <p>-GENERAL SELF DEFENSE</p> <p>-SKILLSETS</p> <p>-CONDITIONING</p> <p>-STRENGTH</p> <p>-MOBILITY</p> <p>-FAT BURINING INCINERATOR!</p> <p>


    The unique creation of dance and movement that provides a welcoming energy and focus into improving your health listening to some epic beats, and getting your groove on with a bunch of cool people. For All levels and experience.</p> <p>-DANCE</p> <p>-MOVEMENT</p> <p>-COORDINATION</p> <p>-ENERGY</p> <p>-GROUP/TRIBE</p> <p>-EXPLORATION</p> <p>-EXCITEMENT</p> <p>

  • YOGA

    The benefits of yoga are far beyond those of wearing the newest trendiest outfit that colour coordinates with your mat. We go deep into the practice of connecting movement to breath and to mind. Our classes focus around relaxation, strength, flexibility and having a good time. No ego’s, judgement or clicky groups here. Just real humans doing extraordinary things.</p> <p>-BREATHWORK</p> <p>-MINDSET</p> <p>-STRENGTH</p> <p>-RELAXATION</p> <p>-CONNECTION</p> <p>-MEDITATION</p> <p>-MINDFUL MOVEMENT</p> <p>




    As you know, we are not just a gym. We are more like an alternate training facility that connects ALL elements into one purpose. Making our members badass!  We run seminars for our members throughout the year and also offer extra coaching for those that want to dive deeper into the realm of badassness.







    Flexibility is a major part of unlocking your movement potential. Its an area that most people neglect, especially in day to day living. We craft your ability to essentially nail the basics from touching your toes through to landing a high bridge or fixing your handstand etc.  We know stretching sucks so we have some epic tunes playing to make it more enjoyable.








    We have a team of highly qualified professionals to assist you with personalised programming that suits your specific needs and goals. These areas of focus can be from mindset, nutrition, skillsets, strength etc.







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