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Our Kids Movnat /Jungle/Ninja ObstacleProgram aims at providing the children with the necessary skills that were once essential for our survival ie. running, jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing Only in a much more specific and methodical manner. Classes focus on letting kids be kids and doing kid things, but they are learning to move in a healthy and functional way that will help in the prevention of  conditions such as Zoo Human Syndrome and Robotitis. These conditions are becoming an epidemic in the world today with more and more people losing their natural qualities and capabilities. We want to prevent that and REHUMANIZE/RENINJA our children! 

This Class covers a huge range of skills + activities to keep the kids ready to tackle anything throughout their life! We have a Ninja Jungle Full of obstacles for the kids & also a climbing wall that will help them develop complete bodily awareness! If your kids Loved Australian Ninja Warrior- Then they will love this class! We hold a few large events throughout the year such as mini ninja games, movie nights, treasure hunts and all things that kids love to do- they will become apart of a mini ninja community building lasting friendships + social skills as well as improving all motor skills. 

Some Of the Skills They Will Learn:

  • Efficient movement + Effective Movement
  • Environmental + Situational Awareness
  • Climbing+ Balancing + Jumping + Crawling+ Lifting + More.
  • Social Skills + Team Work
  • How to Navigate a complex environment 
  • How to be a Mini NINJA WARRIOR! 

Benefits of this Class:

  • Increased strength + conditioning
  • Improved Health + Wellness
  • Improved Social Skills + Confidence
  • Decreased Robotitis + Zoo Human Syndrome
  • Plus so Much MORE!! 
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