12249623_737914239646668_8662107724289566847_nWhat tools are available to improve your BJJ? Well there are many, it is just a matter of if you are willing to spend more time or less time, more money or less money…As a current student of BJJ i have tried many different methods to improve my game, crossfit, weight lifting, running, fancy gym programs and machines, body weight training, gymnastics and much more. There is only one that i have found the most beneficial in saving time and money whilst providing the results at the same time. This is MovNat!

Movnat is a comprehensive physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills. Now why would think that natural movement will help your jiu jitsu? Well here is an article i found on breaking muscle with an excerpt written by BJJ Black belt Josh Vogel. Here he describes the benefits he has experienced since training in movnat.

Josh Vogel, BJJ

“As a Brazilian Jiujitsu instructor, I’m always searching for more effective and efficient ways to increase performance for myself and my students. I’m grateful that I was able to find a system like MovNat for the simple reason that it is a philosophy that encompasses all natural movement aptitudes. I move with the same points of efficiency as I do lifting and carrying heavy objects as I do throwing a training partner.

I find that in practicing MovNat, I have become more adaptable. I can be explosive vaulting over a park bench or a log, or jumping over someone’s legs to get into a dominant grappling position. I have greater mobility, balance, and mental acuity to quickly solve problems and adapt to circumstances – a crucial skill in grappling or running through unfamiliar woods. I find that each skill enhances the others while broadening my overall capabilities as an athlete.


MovNat fits Brazilian jiu jitsu (or maybe I should say that BJJ fits MovNat) like a glove in the sense that in both your goal is to grow physically and mentally in response to ever-changing contexts. You got choked by a purple belt in BJJ yesterday? Train, grow, figure out what you did wrong, evolve! You can pick up a 120lb. weight, but not your 120lb. daughter to carry her to safety? Train, grow, figure out what you did wrong, evolve!


As a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and a full time teacher and practitioner, I highly recommend MovNat to instructors as a means for training themselves and their students. If you apply the MovNat system well, your jiu jitsu won’t stop at the edge of the mat, but continue as you climb a tree, crawl undera bridge, swim at the beach, or carry logs through the woods.”

You can see this article for yourself. https://breakingmuscle.com/natural-movement/why-movnat-benefits-athletes-in-all-sports

If you are wanting to improve your BJJ and lifestyle, come down and try one of our Movnat/Natural Strength & fitness classes! We would love to have you!

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