Shred (Starting July 2019)

Bodyweight|Strength|Cardio|Fat Loss| Muscle Gain

This class is based around hitting those buttons of shredding the fat, developing lean muscle and getting a solid workout in.

Strength & Movement Fundamentals


This is our ‘learn the NB’ way type of class where we focus on developing a solid base and learn the correct mechanics, patterns and skills that were used by our ancestors for survival & optimal health. This class will provide you with the neccesary skills to integrate into our strength and movement classes with ease.. You will develop strength, mobility, awareness and understanding all areas of movement.

Strength & Movement


This class takes our whole range of physical skills into practice and provides a hugely well rounded level of fitness and strength. This is where we specialize at making you unspecialized… in a good way- this class is for those humans that want to have it all. Strength, Mobility, Awareness, Coordination, Conditioning, Agility, Adaptability are just the beginning of what elements are taught in this class.  Ain’t No Class Like This Class Anywhere.


Boxing|Kickboxing|Muay Thai|BJJ|MMA|Judo|Wrestling

For humans that want to be warriors…. Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ Drills With Conditioning to forge you into a strong and capable beast.. Now to be clear.. this is not one of those Punchfit or boxercises classes Nor is it a Fight Club Class. We Teach you the skills and movements in a fun, creative and adventurous way.. MMA fighters are the most well rounded and skillful athletes on the planet.. Here you will learn the fundamentals without being made to visit the dentist.

Hand Balance Skills


Inverting and learning to balance on our hands is an exciting and fun way to strengthen the shoulders and develop some solid body awareness.



Get Bent, Get Stretchy & Have A Good Yarn At The Same Time Listening To Some Epic Beats. This Class is Designed To Increase Range Of Motion &  Bulletproof The Body For Life.



Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is extremely valuable in improving many areas of health. These classes are focused around developing bodyweight strength and awareness, mental/emotional clarity, spiritual connectivity & overall physical flexibility.



This Is The Class For Foundational Strength That Transfers Into All Areas Across NB. We Lift Rocks, Logs, Bars, Bodies, Kegs & Tyres. This Will Get Your Heart Pumping & Muscles Firing Like A Old Fashioned Gunslinger. A great class that will get you thick and solid like a gorilla but maintain your  mobility and range of movement.

Kids & Teens

These classes really allow us to make a solid difference in our human future.  Our kids & teens classes cover the basics and foundations of what it takes to become a strong mover that is capable at maintaining health for life. We don’t just get the kids fit, we educate and explore the possibilities of sustainable fitness and movement practice. The programs cover various methodologies such as natural movement, gymnastics, parkour, obstacle course, strength, martial arts, wrestling and rough-housing, and yoga.  If you are serious about having happy healthy and robust children.. this is for them.. Make a change and make a difference.

Open Gym/Climbing

Individual Training or Climbing On The Wall

Our members get to come in and get some extra training in, have a yarn or climb the wall. Super chilled and fun way to hang out.