Hailey is a life long dancer and a yoga and life lover! She has been teaching dance for 10yrs and loves the opportunity to guide and mentor all ages through creative movement and expression. She was introduced to yoga practice 8yrs ago and slowly fell in love with its benefits, not only on the body but especially the mind, curious to learn more and dive in deep, she completed her, hopefully one of many to come, advance diploma of YT in Melbourne at, The Australian Yoga Academy. Yoga and dance techniques are a perfect combo, but what she has learnt with such an old, but forever evolving versatile practice, it’s bigger than what the western world perceives, All elements of Yoga can compliment every individuals life’s experience, it’s just being open to oneself and discovering that not all is what it seems, We are more powerful than we know and Yoga is a portal to guide us to that knowing. She can’t wait to share and serve the New Breed community and appreciates the opportunity to work at such a unique and inspiring studio!