Now that Summer has come everyone is in a race to get fit and healthy we have done up a super quick, super healthy & super tasty salad recipe that is great for Gut health & Liver function too! 

Heres the recipe: 


  •  Wombok Cabbage
  • Grated Fresh beetroot
  • Mixed Salad Greens (from Mr Chlorophyll)
  • Low Fat Fetta Cheese
  • Hommus & Basil Pesto 
  • Hand full of Fresh Parsley
  • Locally Grown mango 



  1. Rip all the Raw leafy greens and throw into a bowl.
  2. Cut Wombok into thin slices and mix with greens.
  3. Cut and slice the mango how you wish and toss through 
  4. Top the salad with freshly grated beetroot and a teaspoon of hommus and basil pesto with some optional feta to finish! 
  5. If you want some added protein you may combine with lean chicken breast fillet or add some various nuts and seeds!

Some quick nutrition facts:

Wombok is a great source of Fibre and Glutamine! Great for a healthy gut and digestive tract.

Beetroots are loaded with phytonutrients known as betalains-these are great for liver detoxification to help cleanse and replenish your body!

How easy is that!! Done and dusted-enjoy! 

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