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 Experience in Martial Arts

Our Certified Coach at New Breed MMA & Fitness is Current 2x Australian Champion Luke “The Wasp” Morris! Luke has trained in various martial arts for over 18years and is the most experienced and reputable Professional MMA Competitor on the Mid North Coast.
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Why MovNat Over Other Fitness styles?

Movnat is the most practical fitness method out there, and its not a fad. It is something we are designed to follow and participate in, that is being human. I don’t want to waste my time building huge biceps and pecs only to see them disappear as soon as i stop working out, i want lasting and sustainable results that benefit my lifestyle and my body. Movnat provides exactly that. 

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 Learn Some Cool Facts!
Luke has traveled the world to train at world class academies, most notably the home of the famous George St Pierre at Tristar Gym in Canada! Luke is a Level 2 Certified Movnat Trainer practicing and teaching Movnat natural movement methodolgy on the Coffs Coast. This method of training is an extension of luke’s character in which he is very passionate about. His aim as a coach is to bring the highest quality instruction and service to his students so they may feel empowered, confident and ready to protect and defend their family and friends in any adverse situation that may arise.
Luke not only shares his vast knowledge with his students but instills a passion for Martial Arts and Growth in a person that reaches far beyond the walls of the gym, it spreads into everyday life and gives people the edge and drive to be the best they can be!
It is this reason that many people just like you, have join the team at New Breed MMA, as our motto goes ” The sky is NOT the Limit” you can go as far as your imagination allows, you just have to go for it!
If you have any questions for Luke contact him via email
A Short Documentary on Luke “The Wasp” Morris