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kids martial arts coffs Give Your Child Confidence for Life.

It is all too often I see and hear of kids being bullied, pushed around and verbally abused in and out of school. Many kids do not have the confidence or self esteem to stick up for themselves, or even ignore the abuse. This is largely due to fact that kids are glued to the TV, Play Station and technology, they lack the social skills required to deal with these issues, and even more so, the self esteem and confidence to do so as well.  This results in more TV time, less social interaction, less physical activity and an increase in obesity and depression that eventually leaves the child suffering  even more. It is a vicious cycle that plagues our community and is actually very simple to solve.

Martial Arts Training, Yes you read it correctly. Martial Arts is without doubt the single most effective method to provide your child with the confidence and ability to defend themselves mentally, physically and emotionally against all types of bullying. Martial arts provides kids and teens with many valuable life skills, these can not only improve confidence but can be applied in all areas of life and remain effective until old age.  On a more specific note, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides this better than any art I have ever come across in my 18 years of Martial Arts training. BJJ as it is otherwise known, is a leveraged based martial art designed for a smaller person/child to effectively defend themselves against a larger attacker. It is commonly referenced to as human chess, due to the complexity and strategy used to neutralise attackers. BJJ gives children a variety of skills that improve quality of life and allows them to express themselves in their own unique way. Here is a list of benefits provided by BJJ.

  1. Discipline: BJJ requires discipline and self control to execute the techniques in order for them to work effectively.
  2. Focus: Many kids do not focus on classwork at school, simply because they are not interested in it, With training in BJJ they learn to enjoy the process of problem solving and  improving there skill set, this will become apart of the BJJ practitioners character and flows into all areas of life.
  3. Respect: Respect is taught through BJJ by  the difficulties it presents in such simple and basic movements. It teaches kids that no matter who you are, where you come from or what your background is, if you do not respect the technique, it will not work. Every BJJ school will teach the students that there are no tough guys, every body can be humbled through technique. It is with this self-knowledge the kids will learn to respect one another and everybody around them.
  4. Social Skills: In class, children pair off for grappling instruction, helping shy and quiet children build friendships. Kids also learn to perform in front of a crowd of peers instilling the confidence needed for socializing.
  5. Goal Setting: Kids learn to set goals to improve their skill set, if they do not, they will not improve, and children thrive off improvement. Seeing measurable changes in their ability motivates them to reach new goals and set higher standards.
  6. Strength and Health: Physical activity provides many health benefits, preventing disease and illness in short term and long term.
  7. Confidence: With all of these skills and benefits, building confidence in inevitable. The processes of learning, training and improving instills unshakeable confidence in BJJ students. They will learn to ignore bullies, verbal abuse and if needed defend themselves effectively. The confidence they attain will begin to spill out over time and they will be happy on the outside and on the inside. All  whilst  remaining humble, and respectful to themselves and everyone around them.

If you would like your child to give BJJ a go, We offer 2 Weeks FREE to trial the classes, simply contact us to book their spot. or 0421146502.

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