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 How Are We Different?


New Breed is exactly that.. a new breed of humans and a new way of thinking. We don’t believe in using machines to dictate our movement habits, we don’t believe in wearing colour coordinated clothing just to go for a workout, we don’t believe aesthetic looks make you fit or healthy, we believe in a world where we are free to move our bodies in all ranges of motion as naturally as possible wearing anything you want and performing in practical situations where skill and technique is valued much more than big biceps and rock hard abs! 

We don’t have dumbells or leg press machines or even mirrors for that matter. We have used as much eco-friendly and enviromentally sustainable materials as we could find! We have Logs and stumps, lead free recycled turf, recycled pallet timbers for furniture and equipment and even have living green plants around the facility! Our facility is designed to be as natural as possible in appearance & functionality to bring our community the very best and only Eco Gym on the Coffs Coast!

Our services are beneficial for everyone, regardless of experience and skill level, you will be inspired and encouraged to be the best version of yourself. We focus on sustainable movement and fitness to ensure your body will be strong and mobile right up into the golden years! We are not about smashing you body through rep after rep and load after load, we are all about obtaining efficiency in our movement patterns that will provide the same result without the negative effects.

You are free to drop in for a chat or even try a class out for free! We would love to have you apart of our evergrowing community!

Pop in at 7/9 Wingara Drive Coffs harbour or call on 0421146502.