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Ever feel like your hips are locking you down, Restricting you from moving into a resting squat position, what about making it difficult to get up and down from the ground with out using your hands? Your not alone! This is a common issue that plagues most of us living in the civilized world. We sit too much for too long in 90 degree benches,chairs, lounges, toilets and rarely seek opportunity to sit any deeper than 90 degrees.  

If you want to know more on our lifestyle problems see my previous post here.

Our hips are constructed of a ball & socket synovial joint formed between the os coxa (hip bone) & the femur. This joint is held together via strong ligaments and surrounding muscles to prevent dislocation. Now this joint has a great amount of mobility potential as such it can circumduct freely through 360 degree circle. Now we rarely tap into the full mobility potential of this joint simply by living a normal life in a civilized environment.

 In order for us to unlock tight hips we need to begin by addressing the cause. Now that’s the easy part-removing all the restrictive furniture in your house hold or office. Well maybe not that easy…perhaps simply not using them on a daily basis will suffice for now. The second area to address is where to start now. That’s when i come into the picture-3 Movements for Hip mobility. See Pics below.  Now the hard part is committing to your goal. Which i’ll speak about in another post soon. If you simply use these 3 movements each day and incorporate them into your daily lifestyle you should start seeing results only after a few days to weeks. But what if i don’t have any time?  Now that’s an a simply fix too- you can use these whilst watching TV, Reading  a Book, Drinking a Coffee or even having a meal.  Its not like you have to take an hour out of your day to get results. Small efforts daily will surely see you on your way to healthy hips. 

Follow these and keep me updated on how you go by either commenting on this post or inboxing me. 

Side Bent Sit

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Sitting to Tall Split Kneeling

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The Squat
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