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We & the New Breed Tribe are coming together on a journey with like-minded humans and individuals to grow, evolve and adapt our health and wellbeing.

Through years of experience and adventure we have made it our mission to re-establish our full capabilities as humans to be Wild, Tough, Robust, Skillful & Mobile Creatures…The way the world is shaping us, we will end up being useless, unhealthy and stale in all areas of life.

We like to think of creating Humans similar brewer would create a nice drop of craft beer.. with quality ingredients, quality procedures and quality care and delivery. NB are the leaders in our community when it comes to human movement, nutrition & combatives so we wish to help educate & coach you from a beginner level to an elite level or anywhere in between. If you are chasing a nice, fine aged, old school, high quality gym..We got your back & will take pride in helping you reach your goals no matter where you are to begin with..



Underneath all the cool things we do, there is any underlying formula that we have put together so you can grasp the concept of how we are not just a  regular gym,  we do much more than just fitness.

The key pillars for lifestyle performance are physicality  for movement capacity, nutrition for health & vitality, mindset for clarity & experience, culture for communication & connection which once all are integrated, your lifestyle will be yours to enjoy. 

Simple. Effective. Doable. 



"Absolutely awesome energy, powerful movement, gentle approach. love the nurture and nature combination. You guys rock"
Natalie S.
Tribe Member
"New Breed has changed my life. Thanks to you guys I am the best version of myself that I have ever been - Stronger, Fitter, Leaner, Better in Every Way!"
rob husbands testimonial pic
Rob H.
Unit Manager, Base Hospital
"More energy, strength, endurance and the stuff that not many coaches out there focus on which is improving and building your neurological pathways through complex movement patterns."
Ricki B.
CEO, UPA Coaching
"Fantastic support and fun classes helped me lose weight, body fat and I feel fabulous!"
Karen Testimonial Photo
Karen D.
Tribe Member
"Classes are super comfortable and make you feel great. Trainers are fantastic, Atmosphere is amazing and Acceptable of all"
Kylie T.
Tribe Member
"Real & down to earth, The range of classes is very cool and I have loved learning to do new things with my body, from dead lift's through to vaulting"
corrie w
Corrie W.
Dance/Music Teacher
"Friendly, supportive and a bunch of new friends"
ann williams
Ann W.
Tribe Member
"New breed don't allow any shortcuts, being in a class environment is important as you get a little fire and push harder"
adam f testimonial
Adam F.
Business Owner
"New breed is unlike any other gym i have been to. So supportive and motivational, Every class brings a different vibe"
Stacey R
Stacey R.
Mother & Tribe Member
"Great combination of technique and power. Classes are adaptive for all ages and physical ability. Excellent Group Spirit"
Lynda S
Lynda S.
Hockey Player
"I love this style and approach to fitness. I have been feeling highly motivated since starting, energy is at an all time high"
Jesse Y
Jesse Y.
Gardens & Landscaping
"I was blown away by the amount of support and information NB gave us to get the best results possible, and in such a holistic way"
Kate L
Kate L.
Mother & Tribe Member

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